Humble Beginnings...

About SelvaSur Coffee

Growing up, I remember my father coming home from work, bringing with him a strong coffee aroma and amazing stories about the best coffees from around the world. The smell and his passion for his work instilled in me a love and appreciation for fine coffee.

When I was 10-years-old, my father was a coffee taster for the National Coffee Institute of Mexico (INMECAFE) in Mexico City. He was in charge of tasting the coffee brought in from the different states of Mexico and various part of the world. Additionally, he was tasked with selecting only the best harvests for the Institute.

Today, close to 40 years later, I am continuing the tradition of finding the highest quality coffee and providing you only the absolute best! – Christian

In the new century, Selva Sur is emanating…

Selva Sur de Peru is family owned and operated. We import our coffee beans from the Satipo Province of the Junín Region in Peru. The beans are then roasted in magical Denver, Colorado.

My wife and I take great pride in being to able to bring you one of the world’s finest delicacies. Together, we are committed to satisfying the most discerning palate with the best sourcing and roasting practices in the industry.

When you order Selva Sur de Peru, you can expect the highest quality Café Coati that is ethically and lovingly harvested.

You will never regret tasting this rare and succulent coffee!

coffee farmer in the field

The Utmost Care

In 2010, Jesus established the coatimundi shelter in order to keep the animals safe from human predators. He chose to build it in the Satipo Province of the Junín Region, which is located northeast of Peru’s capital, Lima. This area was chosen due to its natural forest that has 300-year-old trees and receives mountain spring water. The property’s microclimate makes it an ideal location for raising the white-nosed coatimundi.

Our coatis’ home is a five-acre industrial woodshed. Inside, the coatis are free to safely roam and interact with each other. Each coati has its own sack for sleeping and gets covered when temperatures drop.

The farmers and caregivers take excellent care of each and every coati. By providing them an environment of care, nurture, and love, they’re able to eat and digest the best coffee beans in the world.

coati in his habitat


USDA Organic (working on it)

Fair Trade Certification (working on it)

coffee beans spilling from bag

Coffee for the Connoisseur

Selva Sur Today

Selva Sur de Peru is family owned and operated. Our coffee beans are imported from Peru and roasted in magical Denver, Colorado. We take pride in bringing you one of the finest delicacies in the entire world. Our commitment to quality brings the world’s best coffee to your table.

You will never regret tasting this rare and succulent coffee!