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Coffee for the Connoisseur

Due to its uniqueness and rarity. Our coatis are treated with love and respect; they are nurtured and cared for in great conditions. The production per year is a little less than 900 kilos (about 1,984 lbs per year).

Whether that might be a great concern, the cleaning and cleansing process is thorough and extensive. We guarantee there’s no odor to the coffee other than coffee’s natural aroma itself.

You can make 4 cups of 6 oz of coffee per 50 grams of Selva Sur Coffee.

No. Coatis cannot be forced to eat the cherry fruit every day because the sweetness of the coffee eliminates their red blood cells. If we do this we would have anemic animals. It’s only three times a week that their organisms work in such a way. The coatis have a special select diet based of tropical seasonal fruits. The days when they’re not eating coffee cherry fruit, they rest and recuperate.

No. Our coatis are rescued, sheltered, and kept in a sanctuary to be taken care of. Check out our blog page to learn more about the rescue of these lovely animals.

Yes. Our company was formed with the highest value standards, for that reason we make sure that our business is compliant with the Fair Trade guidelines and we are currently working on getting certified with the Fair Trade Certification.

We offer free shipping on all domestic orders including Canada. International rates TBD