Siphon Coffee Brewing Technique: Why We Love It

At Selva Sur de Peru, we produce the most unique roast of coffee in the world. From the beginning of our process when the White-Nosed Coatimundi eats the coffee stone fruit, to the roasting of the beans, the craft is for coffee enthusiasts. Java lovers know that the actual brewing process is arguably the most important part of a cup of coffee. This is why we use the Siphon brewing method.


According to Coffee Brew Guides, the first commercial design patent for the siphon brewer dates back to 1840 in France. A woman by the name of Mem. Vassieux (Marie Fanny Amelne Massot) introduced the siphon coffee brewer to a mass market. It wasn’t until 1910 when the siphon brewer made its way to America. Two sisters from Salem, Massachusetts made a siphon brewer out of Pyrex glass and successfully filed a patent. The sisters, Mrs. Ann Bridges and Mrs. Sutton, called their brewer the Silex. The company Hario from Japan makes a brewer called the Next Siphon Brewer, which is very similar to the design the sisters introduced in America.   


The Siphon brewer is quite literally a science experiment. You can control every aspect of the brewing process using this method: the grind of the beans, the amount of beans and water, the exact temperature of the water, and the steep time. Because this process is a full immersion of the grounds, like a french press you are able to extract every flavor profile from the coffee. The benefit of this technique compared to a french press is that the filter is much finer. A siphon brewer will not give you the grounds at the bottom of your cup like a french press will.


This technique does an extraordinary job of producing coffee without the bitterness. We guarantee that this method will be one of the best ways to brew our coffee. To see a video explaining the whole brewing process to help you craft an exceptional cup of coffee, Elemental Coffee has you covered (video below).

At Selva Sur, we pride ourselves in harvesting and cultivating one of the finest coffees in the world. The Coatimundis’ diet consists of fruits like cherries which promote healthy digestion. The Coati’s stomach contains enzymes that help break down the proteins in the coffee beans that make it naturally sour. This cherry fruit is called the coffee stone fruit. For connoisseurs, this fun yet complex brewing method allows you to get the full experience of our coffee. The Siphon brewer will spark just as much interest and excitement as you telling your friends about Selva Sur.


Our coffee is roasted and packaged in very small batches to ensure the highest quality. We take pride in crafting and brewing our coffee. To learn more information about why Selva Sur is one of the most desired coffees in the world and to see customer reviews check out our store. After all, what beats cute animals and amazing coffee?